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Many retail businesses derive their revenues primarily from consumers who live or work in the neighboring areas. In addition to factors such as convenience, price, customer service, brand recognition, retailers must also conduct local store promotions to attract customers and win over competitors that offer similar products and services.


Conventionally, retailers may work with design agencies or use off-the-shelf graphic design software to create custom local store marketing materials. If the marketing materials are to be printed then delivered or mailed to customers, the costs of such small print jobs are relatively expensive and may outweigh the benefits of local store marketing.

Moreover, for retailers whose business is a franchise, the franchisor will require marketing materials bearing any trade- marked or proprietary elements be approved in writing prior to use to ensure brand consistency. It is often a lengthy process and requires much time on the part of the retailers to secure approval.


To overcome these difficulties, I developed the world's first online browser-based system allowing retailers to create their own marketing materials online, using pre-approved templates. Print orders were aggregated at tremendous savings.

Today, web-to-print and web-to-web systems are common. In 1999, no such system existed.

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